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a 5-day CHALLENGE to
(as a business owner, mother and fierce female) ​

It’s 2023 and you end your 2022 feeling stuck in your business, when we both know you should be enjoying the life you have worked so hard for.

With all the distractions, you barely know where to start your 2023


What if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way?

By the end of this challenge we will have walked through simple changes that will help you skyrocket your business and life for next year.

Let me empower you with this 5-day challenge that will clear your mind, inspire you to take action and allow you to create a plan that fits around being a business owner and mum! 


What if I told you that you can wake up in the morning knowing exactly what needs to happen to move the needle forward in your business? (without it taking over your whole life)

I put together this challenge as I know from my own experience how freaking hard it can be doing this alone! 

So you can thrive in 2023! 

The only thing I’m asking from you is that you are  willing to take ACTION and SHOW UP for the full 5 days!


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