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for FEMALE entrepreneurs

Are you trying to build a successful business whilst juggling family life?

Then continue reading on how 1:1 coaching with me works!

Here is what I know to be true about you 

- You started your business with a ton of enthusiasm and excitement, but you have quickly found yourself overwhelmed by what feels like an endless sea of tasks and responsibilities

- You can’t quite figure out how to make your business work for you as opposed to the other way around. And find yourself spending less time with your loved ones, but what you want is to spend more time with them!

-  You are going around in circles, downloading all the freebies, attending all the masterclasses, following all the accounts on IG and LinkedIn

Frustrated as you still have not seen any results!

-You are overwhelmed, you don't know what the next step is to move the needle forward. You've tried everything and nothing is working for you.

-You feel you’re always failing, even when you know in your heart that you're succeeding—but somehow it just doesn't feel like it.

Because at the moment you are feeling like you are about to burn yourself out trying to build your own business whilst juggling family life and finding time to recharge yourself. 

You feel constantly overwhelmed and can’t shake off that guilt of never doing enough for your business (even though you are working 24/7) and the constant guilt of spending too much time on your business and not enough with your friends and family… or taking time for yourself.

All you want is to ditch the frustration, overwhelm and burnout and start growing your online business to fit around all areas of your life, without having to choose one or the other!

I get it! I've been there too — really!

If you can relate to this and you're thinking, 

"Hell YES, Deniz! This is ME!"


Then continue reading on how 1:1 coaching with me works!

I thought for so long I could figure it all out on my own! 

But after spending months going around in circles, fumbling in the darkness with no success and no clarity to what the hell I was doing, or what needed to happen to move the needle forward. 

I felt like I lost myself in my pursuit of success and did not recognize who I'd become.

This was not what I pictured running my own business was going to be like.

Sure, I was expecting hard work. But not losing myself like I did. 


So I went back to the basics, I worked on myself, I became crystal clear on WHO I wanted to be as a female entrepreneur,  mother and business owner!


After many trial and errors I found the formula that allowed me to be ME, live life on my own terms with my family whilst building a profitable business. 

Now I’m obsessed with helping fellow female entrepreneurs (and mumas) build a profitable business that allows them to live life on THEIR own terms.

Without the overwhelm, frustration and burnout!

I have gone from working 24/7 and burning myself out juggling everything life has thrown my way,

to now having worked with +50 clients. 

All this by implementing the framework I now use to help guide and coach my clients. So they can create the life they truly want to live being an entrepreneur. 


What is this framework then? 

It’s a simple, yet powerful framework that will give you CRYSTAL CLARITY on your vision for your business and life, your bigger goal and who you need to become to have everything you ever dreamed of!

It's a simple, yet powerful coaching program!


1.   Goal 

You will get true clarity on what your TRUE goal is! 

When I say “true clarity” I’m not just talking about what you want. (That is very important though) 

My definition of TRUE CLARITY is having a deep understanding of why you want what you want and prioritising what really matters to you.

Client Roadmap  BizSister_edited_edited.

2.  Identify struggles you are facing -

We dig deep to identify why you are not where you want to be. This can be due to many different things and together we will identify and clarify what they are. 

3.  Identify the core of the struggles -

Knowing what your struggles are is key! But understanding WHY you are facing these struggles is where the change happens. 

Is it skills to obtain? Mindset blocks? Low Self esteem?

You will get crystal clarity on this and work through them to get to the other side!

4.  Design a plan!

We will design a clear plan of action that fits around all other commitments in your life, without compromising the growth of your business. 

We will look at your current situation, where you want to go, what goals you set for yourself, who you want to become and what struggles you need to overcome.

5.  Take action!

Knowing all of the above is great, but that is pointless if you’re not taking action! 

The good thing is that gaining true clarity on all the above, taking action will be easy and simple!

You know EXACTLY what goals you have, you have a clear plan designed specifically for you and clarity on what needs to happen to get there. 

I will be there to empower you getting started, but you will also be given tools and techniques you can continue using for years to come. To ensure you stay on track taking action!

Client Roadmap  BizSister_edited_edited.

By implementing this framework….

You will start your day knowing ⁠what to focus on and you will be able to block out all the distractions that steal your focus.⁠


Set your own priorities, instead of feeling continually guilty about what you "should" be doing or what others think.

So you can grow your business doing the things YOU want. (and start bringing in the money)

You will start to feel excited showing up for your business as you become the best version of who you want to be as an entrepreneur, mother and female.

Because success does not come from what you want, it comes from who you are. 


Prioritising the people and things in your life that matter most to you will become second nature. No more missing your kid’s activities because you’re working late, or feeling guilty about taking the day off to enjoy lunch with your best friend.


My name is Deniz, and I'm here to help female business owners, like you, gain more clarity around what you truly want in life and business. 

So that you can design and build your profitable business that works for you, and not the other way around!!! 

I spent years wanting more in life than the 9-5 and never really dared to take the leap. This was until my husband fell ill with a stroke and our lives changed drastically. I could no longer work the corporate retail 9to5 as I knew it!

TBH the roll as country manager was eating me up from inside and time spent with the family or taking care of myself was pretty much non existent. 

So I took that as my opportunity to finally do what I’ve dreamt of for so long.



If you’re reading my story & resonating, I’m not surprised. 

Because here’s what I know to be true about you,

- You want to build a profitable business that will allow you to have time freedom in your schedule to do what YOU want to do in life!

- You are done having to choose between family, yourself and your business. 

- You want to have done more in life than just the 9-5 and be a role model for others (your kids, family, other women) showing them that anything is possible. 

- You want to make a positive impact on other people's lives using the skills and experiences you obtained over the years. Because sharing is caring!

My highly personalised 1:1 coaching helps you:

Create your dream life as a mum and entrepreneur with intention so that you feel confident and fulfilled in every area of your life.


Set clear goals and action steps towards making sales simple, easy and effective so that you can start making profit in your business without burning out!

You'll have embodied the knowledge and created a mindset that everything you've been striving for is now within reach.

Just imagine how freeing and powerful this will be…

Waking up on a Monday morning filled with energy and feeling excited about the week ahead!
You have clear direction on what needs to happen for this week/month/year to be a success!

Not only in your business, but your life as a whole.

If you still feel 

"Hell YES, Deniz! This is ME! 


Then continue reading on how 1:1 coaching with me works!




First off we will start off with a free-discovery session to see if we're a good fit.


As much as I love to have new clients, I want to make sure that I and my coacing is right for you and where you currently are.


If by the end of the call we feel we are a good fit.

There will be a straightforward and simple on-boarding session followed by a booking link once completed along with your invoice and payment link.


During our 3- or 6-months working together, I’lll be guiding and supporting you through your journey through text support and coaching sessions.

Let's transform your business from one that merely "works" into one that feels amazing to run!

This is  what’s included when working privately with me 1:1

1 x On-boarding  


We will start off our time together with an on-boarding call to identify

your main objectives and overall vision and goal.


We will also agree on how I best will be able to support you. 


1 x 1-hour Coaching Call every two week


This is where we will be going deep: These sessions will consist of in-depth, thought-provoking questions to ensure we dig deep to enable you to work through any blocks or

hinders that are keeping you stuck.

After each session you will walk away with more clarity and clear plan of action

to help you take the next step


Unlimited WhatsApp/Telegram support Mon-Fri


This will help me support you between our sessions to with anything to

help you move your business forward.


However, this is also for you to share your wins so we can celebrate! (I'm big on celebrations)


Plus, when we work together you'll also receive...

-Feedback  document and notes to ensure you keep on top of

what was planned so you can take the next step in your progress. 


My programs 

I have 2 programs that I

support you through. 

Either my 3-month or 6-month 1:1 private  coaching.


"A lack of CLARITY can put the breaks on any journey to SUCCESS!"

-Steve Maraboli

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